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Longene version 1.0-rc2


Longene Project

The Longene is a free, open-source computer operating system kernel project intended to expand the Linux Kernel to be binary-compatible with application software and device drivers not only made for Microsoft Windows but also made for Linux OS. This will enable the Windows application running on the Linux operating system highly effectively.

Through the Longene, we hoped the one who habituates to use Windows OS can continue their operation customs on Linux OS, so that third party software user purchased could be unconcerned with the platform of operating system. As before, for the user, once he purchased the Windows application software, from that time on only he could choose the Windows operating system, but now he may have another choice. Regarding Linux, this was certainly watershed and can improve the market competitiveness of desktop Linux.

The Longene project is sponsored by Insigma Technology Co. Ltd. For this open source project, we strictly abide by the provisions of GPL. We welcome fans all over the world to participate the project in order to form an open source community of Longene.

We also welcome the experts at home and abroad to join the project team and become a full-time Longene developer. Insigma Technology Co. Ltd will maintain a full-time development team, the development policy will adopt the combination of full-time develop and part-time develop.

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