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Longene version 1.0-rc2


How To Participate

Longene (Linux Unified Kernel) is an open source project, we hope with a Linux OS compatible to Windows applications, more and more people would switch to Linux.

If you are interested in this project and eager to join us, please contact us by e-mail with your resume or phone call; if you want to participate in leisure time our open modules are available; if you are just a user of Longene, your feedback or bug report is also a valuable contribution. No matter what your choice, we all hope you can participate in the development of Longene project and do your bit to help the development of Linux.

Using Longene
    You can just run your Windows applications on Longene as usual. We are willing to receive your views and suggestions of Longene.
Testing Longene
    You can also use a variety of Windows applications to test Longene. If you found any problem in testing, you can submit it on the Longene Bugzilla or tell us in the forums, and we will fix it as soon as possible.Refer to the following forum thread to learn how to use Longene Bugzilla:ReadMe

The testing procedure is as follows:

    1) Once you have choosed an application to test, just email to tell us the program name, the beginning and ending time to test you plans.

    2) Any bug you found can be submitted to Longene Bugzilla so that we can update the applist.

    3) Once finished and confirmed, your name will appear in the Longene tester's list.

Developing Longene
    If you are interested in Longene development, you have two ways to join us:

    1) Join the Longene project team. You can send email to to become a full-time developer in our team.

    2) Cooperate with us to develop Longene. At your leisure time, you can contribute to Longene project. What you needed is a computer with Longene installed. We'll provide a TodoList, and you can choose one unfinished job to develop or debug.

    Longene makes use of Git to manage the source code. So you can access the newest source code form here: git://
And information how to use git is in: click here

    The development procedure is as follows:

    1) Download the newest Longene source code form Git.

    2) Read the Longene development docs: click here, and you can refer to the following document to learn how to debug longene.

    3) Choose one task you are interested in from the TodoList. Once chosen, just email to inform us the choice of the planned time-line and the general opinion. And we can update the TodoList.

    4) Before submit the patch, you must firstly test it and please send us the test cases or/and test methods. We will review it and give the feedback to you. Once accpted, we'll submit it to Longene Git.

    5) Finally, your name will appear in Longene developer list here: Longene developer list.

    If you have any other questions, you can contact us in forums or send email to
Developer FAQ
General issues

    Q:Why do you develop Longene, Wine is wonderful in running Windows applications on Linux?

    A:Many users like to use Wine to run win32 programs on Linux, especially, after a long time of development, the efficiency of Wine has been greatly improved. However, Wine is just a middle layer in the user space, and it can not resolve efficiency problem thoroughly. The goal of Longene is to achieve the compatibility from kernel view.

    Q: Whether the Longene code will open or not?

    A: Longene is an open source project, and we will strictly abide by the provisions of GPL.

    Q: How to implement system calls of Longene?

    A: Please refer to 'Whitebook'.

    Q: Why Longene still includes Wine programs?

    A: Longene is developing. Many system calls haven't been implemented yet, thus, many of Wine programs are still needed by Longene.

    Q: Could Longene be used on different Linux distributions?

    A: Longene is a kernel module with some modification of Linux kernel code, so it can run on any Linux distribution theoretically. In fact, Longene has already passed tests on many popular distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, etc., although there may be some difference in performace.

Installation Question

    Q: What are the requirements of installing Longene?

    A: First of all, Longene currently only supports the CPU of X86 architecture, so please make sure your CPU meets the requirement. Secondly, in order to run win32 program in Longene, the Linux system should install graphical interface. For details, please refer to the specific requirements in the INSTALL file.

    Q: How many parts of files compose of the code package of Longene?

    A: Longene code package includes a Linux kernel patch, a Wine patch and a kernel module. In addition, in order to simplify the user's installation, from the Longene version 0.2.2, the code package of Longene also provides a GUI installation program.

    Q: Why can't I patch the Longene successfully?

    A: First of all, the code package of Longene contains two patches: a Linux kernel patch and a Wine patch. Please make sure to patch them to the corresponding source code. Secondly, a patch is made with a specific version of code, so please make sure the two version numbers are matched. For details, please refer to README.

    Q: Why do errors occurs when I compile the kernel after patching?

    A: It mainly caused by the configuration of kernel. We have attached a recommended configuration file of kernel (GUI installation program use this configuration file as default). If this configuration can't help you, please report to us, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

    Q: What to do if I can't boot after installing Longene?

    A: The reason is that your current system configuration conflicts with the one of Longene, please report the bug in forum and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Usage Question

    Q: Can we use the dlls from Windows system directly to replace the dlls of Wine?

    A: The current Longene has not fully replaced any dll of wine, so according to Wine user document, ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll, gdi32.dll, user32.dll can not be replaced in general, while others vary from applications. For specific configuration, please refer to the relevant posts in our forum.

    Q: After installing, Longene, how to use Wine?

    A: You can't use command such as 'wine xxx' any more to run the Windows applications after installing Longene. But the Wine built-in programs are exceptional.

    Q: Why are there unrecognizable characters when running Windows applications in Longene?

    A: There are three possibilities: missing font files, wrong character configuration in registry, and incomplete support of some dlls of Wine. Please refer to the relevant forum posts for the specific solutions.

    Q: Why some Chinese features are not supported in Windows applications running in Longene?

    A: They're caused by the incomplete support of some dlls of Wine. Longene development team will fix them.

Compile Unified Kernel
    Please visit "Download Center" to download Longene code package, and compile it on the Linux operating system. You can install it (version 0.2.2 and later ones) through the GUI installation program automatically, or compile and install the Longene manually. For details, please see the INSTALL file in the code package.
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