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LUK version 1.0-rc2


2014-1-16  longene-1.0-rc2 release

longene-1.0-rc2 has been released, this version solves the access problem of the ordinary user, modify loading method, updating the wine, details see

2013-12-31  longene-1.0-rc1 release

Longene released version 1.0rc1 on the last day of 2013. This is a breakthrough version, completely changed the whole structure, Longene kernel patch is no longer needed; Longene finally supports SMP; installation more convenient, better compatibility, stability, stronger. For details, please see:

2012-02-06  Longene-0.4.0 binary installation package Beta version released

Longene-0.4.0 binary installation package Beta version released, the biggest bright spot is joined the big kernel lock support SMP. This version did not release the source code, because the code just beta version. Everybody quickly download and have a try! link

2011.8.6  White Paper published an article on smp, welcome to read ~

White Paper published an article on smp we Come ah ~
Longjing soon developed into the multi-core era, and published technical documentation, the following is connected~

2011.8.4  We Come it ~~~~~

Click on the link below, come to our bar for comments

2011.6.8  Longene-0.3.2 released

Longene-0.3.2 was released 2011.6.8
Longene-0.3.2 mainly done the following improvements:
1 support wineconsole.
Windows platform console programs, like cmd.
exe can be run like this: wineconsole cmd.exe

(2) improved processes are created, making the windows of the native-app and wine in some of the buitin-app can be created with each other.
You can start a cmd.
exe console and then start the wine in the cmd window comes notepad.exe

so, in turn, cmd.exe

so the program can start the windows notepad.exe program

2011.2.28  Longene-0.3.1 released

Longene-0.3.1 was released 2011.2.28
Longene-0.3.1 primarily adds support for non-root user and application support Chinese path
1 non-root user is the user create their own account (for example longene) can also be compatible with the kernel to run graphical programs, so.
wine path relative to root change to / home / username /.
2 Chinese path to support is that users can create with the Chinese name of the folder to start the application, for example.
to enter.
exe command will be able to start the program, which in the original version is not compatible with kernel support, which also makes compared to the original version of the user when using the application easier
Although these improvements only a small step, but it is compatible with the kernel in the new year later, the new journey

2010.7.27  Longene development docs translation wiki is now open

Longene development docs translation wiki is now open. Refer to
"Documents"->"Docs Translation" channel. Your participation in Longene
development docs translation are warmly welcomed!

2010.6.18  Longene-0.3.0 for linux-2.6.34 released

Longene-0.3.0 has updated the longene linux patch for Linux-2.6.34 to support the Ubuntu-10.04 and Fedora 12/13. Welcome to download!

2010.6.2  Longene mailing list available

Longene mailing list is now available, the previous on google group is invalid, the new address is:

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