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Longene FAQ

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1. Installing Longene
(1) How do I install Longene?
Read README/INSTALL files in the Longene source package, or refer to the Longene forum thread:
(2) How about Ubuntu?
After make install under ubuntu, there is no initrd.img created in /boot as usual, you must manually generate it as follows:
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mkinitramfs –o /boot/initrd.img-2.6.30-longene /lib/modules/2.6.30-longene

(3) How can I get my preinstalled Wine work after I have installed Longene?
Cd to the former wine source code and "make install". All will be OK.

1. Running application
(1) How to run an windows application once I've installed Longene?
Once reboot the longene linux kernel, you can start exe files as usual on Linux. In other words, you can either double-click on *.exe or use command line. Note that there will be still some problems of the double-click method, so use command line such as:
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(2) Why some windows applications don't work on longene?
Generally speaking, if you have compiled and installed Longene successfully, there might left some thing trivial behind. For example:
1) Is your exe file executable?
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# ls -l your_app.exe

2) Is the longene kernel module installed by insmod?
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# lsmod | grep unifiedkernel

3) Are you running the right longene linux kernel?
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# uname -ar

4) Could not find the wine library?
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# echo "/usr/local/lib" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/unifiedkernel.conf

And then
代码: 全选
# ldconfig

5) Have you pre-installed other Wine versions?
If so, just "make uninstall" and "make install" in Longene wine source code.
6) Is the current user root?
Non-root users are not well supported currently. So login to root user.
7) Is the windows program path valid?
The windows program path now just support English characters.
If still doesn't work, never hesitate to post in our longne forum : -)

3. Others
(1) Does Longene just support given Linux distributions?
Longene could run on all the Linux distributions in theory. We have tested on Ubuntu 9.04/9.10, Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.1, RedFlag 6 and Magic Linux 2.5-1.
(2) Is Longene dependent on KDE or GNOME?
Longene depends on X11, and it run on KDE and GNOME desktop well.
(3) Does Longene run on 64-bit?
I'm sorry to say Longene doesn't support 64-bit at present and Longene only runs on 32-bit x86 now.

(4) Where can I get further help?
In addition to this FAQ, you'll most likely want to post in our Longene forum to get help. There will be guys warmhearted to lend a hand, I guess : - )
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